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How does Steamhammer® work


Steamhammer® is our product with which we can answer many recent customer requests:

For years now, the pressure on men and women has increased not only in their jobs, but also in private life.
In all respects, the partner expects the man to be his man. Stress and the everyday stress often lead to the fact that the man can not meet the expectations he has set.
It is not uncommon for the man to be able to stand his husband, his husband, no more than he is.
The formerly strong man then becomes a regrettable little man.

Steamhammer® is the right choice for the "man in man".

Steamhammer® included a sensible, intelligent mixture of nutrients such as L-arginine as a natural amino acid amino acid, as well as Maca extract, Damian extract and Gingko-Biloba extract, in an optimal balance of a dietary supplement, which rejuvenate the tired "man in the man" can.

What is the function of these ingredients?

L-Arginine has the task of normalizing male erection and contributes to the increase in sperm production which is desired in such a product.

Maca-Extract is extracted from the root of the Maca plant (Lepidium peruvianum Chacon). This grows in the Peruvian highland on a very mineral rich soil at a height of about 4000 m. The Maca plant belongs to the genus Kressen. Their upper part is consumed by the Peruvians as vegetables. The Maca root has a high content of vitamins, proteins and minerals. The Maca extract is among other things an ideal nutrient source of magnesium, protein and zinc. Contained steroids have a beneficial effect on the testosterone balance, and amino acids promote muscle building. Maca Extract increases your own performance and improves the resistance of the entire organism.

Damian-Extract is used to improve sexual performance, stimulate blood circulation and metabolism, optimize the sexual number of orgasms, reduce premature ejaculation, and promote testosterone production.

Gingko-Biloba-Extract* is one of the oldest known natural remedies and one that is approved even under the most stringent, modern pharmacological test conditions. Ginkgo biloba extract acts by blood circulation and is used as such in memory disorders and dementia (e.g., Alzheimer's disease) and tinnitus.
(* Gingko-Biloba is permitted as a dietary supplement in smaller dosages compared to medicines, the qualities used differing only in the dosages used and in the advertisements).

Pine-Tree-Bark-Extract is known to be a well documented support to protect vessels from inflammation.
The interaction in the form of the synergy of L-arginine (an amino acid) and pine bark extract makes it possible to demonstrable the circulatory capacity of fine vessels and can help over 90% of the male potency disorders.

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