Anilotion SOFT - for women

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Anilotion SOFT - for women


For more fun in anal sex - thanks to its unique composition, you can now enjoy the anal intercourse right, and on a completely natural basis.

Valuable plant extracts have a relaxing effect on the anal area and allow for a slightly numbing effect of the anal area a problem-free and more relaxed penetration. In addition, special components, such as Aloe Vera and essential oils, also for moisture and care of the skin, thus protecting against painful skin cracks through dry skin.

Analspray Anilotion Soft was specially developed for sensitive and tender female skin. As with Anilotion Original and X-treme, the spray relaxes the skin within a short time - simply spray in, leave it on for a short time - optimal effect.

The product is purely vegetable and free of chemical or genetically engineered ingredients and is condom and skin friendly and both water and fat soluble.

It is registered and approved in Germany as a cosmetic product.
The 50ml content is sufficient for about 200 sprays

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